YOU WON’T ALWAYS BE YOUNG: Lessons from a highway stranger.

I’ve always known that time waits for no one but I was reminded of that in a subtle way 4 days ago.

6am in the morning, I was out jogging when I saw a man, an old man because judging from his grey beards and all, I could guess he’s in his late sixties. He was also jogging, but due to obvious reasons, he had to stop at intervals to walk.

Few meters behind him, I adjusted my pace to his; when he stops, slowed down, so we maintained the close margin between us.

He noticed, and we continue like that for about 10 minutes.
At a point, he stopped and bent down, too tired to even walk.

I caught up with him and it was at this point, I greeted him, he replied and told me how he loves to keep fit, how he was his high school’s best sportsman, I’ll save you details. He wished me well and I left to continue jogging, at my own pace now.

All that was ringing in my head was that there will be a time-

• A time I'll be like him.
• A time I won't be able to jog as much as I can now.
• A time I will WANT TO, but I CAN'T.

I saw him on my way back, he had resumed jogging too. I was on the other side of the road now, and we shared this cool smile, beautiful stuff. I haven't seen him since then, but he left me with a strong impression.

I'll like to know;

Does it occasionally cross your mind that there will be a time, you won't have the sharp eyesight, flawless skin, strong muscles?

Aside the old age effects, a time is coming that responsibilities won't allow you to be like you are now.

So ,it's left to you and I to do ALL we CAN now that we CAN.

Now that you have lesser responsibilities and more time, take time to train your mind: read books, acquire skills,travel a lot if you can; train your body: get used to healthy routines, keep fit.. you won't always be young.
In fact, the youngest you'll ever be is how old you are right now.

Time won't always be on your side, now that it is, do more of what your future self will thank you for.

Originally written on the 14th of March, 2021.

©Ezekiel O. Akinnibosun



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