If you struggle to get more stuffs done, consider doing less. I know it sounds contradictory, let me explain what this means.

Just like a computer, your mind slows down when it has too many open tabs.

The more divided your mind is, the less productive you’ll be.

That’s why you need to focus on fewer things at once(doing less) if you want to get more and better results (doing more).

An important hack is this: make sure you are doing exactly what you are doing.

If you’re eating, then EAT. No talking. No screens.

You want write, paint, or do any task that require creativity and focus, and you have food on fire?

Are you working out? Then why are you using the headphones? Playing music from a speaker is better. (except you’re in a public gym)

You want to sleep, put your phone away.

Just make sure your mind is in what you’re doing. You’ll be more present and get quick and better results.

Doing a lot at once makes you feel like you’re getting stuffs done, but you’re only busy.

Don’t just be busy, be productive.

Too many times, you know that you worked all day but if you really think about it, you got nothing done.

You were just busy.

Busy working with distractions.

You read with background music playing.

You were working, at the same time replying Facebook messages, scrolling through your WhatsApp status or checking Twitter trends.

8 hours working with distractions won’t yield the same results as 2 hours of focused work.

How do you reduce distraction?

  • Have an overview of what you need to do. When you know there are tasks ahead, you’ll likely be focused.
  • Make it an habit to plan out your day, this is better done in the morning.
  • If you have a long list of tasks, list them, arrange them in order of importance and urgency, then start taking them out in that order.

Even if you couldn’t do everything, you would have done the most important ones on the list.

Better than doing them randomly and simultaneously and at the end, not getting anything done.

Do less so you can do more!

To your development,

Ezekiel O. Akinnibosun

To get in touch with me, connect here



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